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Skin, hair, and nails provide your body's protection against the elements, but can also be things of beauty. Most of us want to have the assets of healthy looking skin, hair, and nails, but sometimes circumstances get in the way of achieving that goal. The physicians and staff of Derma Clinic are well-trained, highly skilled, and experienced dermatologists and dermatopathologists, who can help you assess, treat, and improve the condition of your skin, hair and nails. Our physicians are not here to give you treatments you do not need, but they specialize in individualized patient care.

Laser Procedures

Lasers (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation), although somewhat of a mystery to the lay person, are widely and effectively used in medicine for a variety of treatments. Laser can be used for tatoo removal, removal of facial skin abnormalities, and removal of wrinkles, and skin resurfacing. Laser procedures can be successful only in the hands of experts in the techniques and under the direction of knowledgeable physicians and trained staff.

Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery

This branch of medicine continues to advance daily and provide us with many options to our concerns for having the best function and appearance of our body. In addition to the many procedures discussed in the liposuction & body sculpting section (please see this section), our expert dermatologists and cosmetic/plastic surgeons are able to deal with the surgical correction of congenital or acquired conditions due to trauma or age. These include such procedures as breast augmentation, cleft lip and palpate surgery, ear surgery, endoscopic plastic surgery, eyelid surgery, face lift, facial implants, forehead lift, hand surgery, nose surgery, scar revision, skin cancer, hair transplantation (see hair restoration section), and general reconstructive surgery including lasers (see laser procedures section).

Hair Transplant

Hair loss, while not a life-threatening problem, can be a real issue in the way many people feel about themselves. If you have made the decision to correct your hair loss problem, or are even considering such a decision, our Physicians are available to assess, advise, and, if you choose, help you implement your options for hair transplant surgery. Our cosmetic & plastic surgeons can help you restore the Hairline you used to have and wish you did again. Our nursing transplant team are capable and efficient at the procedure, as we in Derma Clinic has a full dedicated team for HT.

Skin Care

You have heard the cliché' beauty is only skin deep. Yes, this is very true, and yet why not have the best looking skin you can. Time, exposure to the elements, and many other factors can effect how your skin appear to others. Derma Clinic not only has some of the most qualified dermatologists who deal with the medical problems of the skin, but who are also able to deal with the aesthetic aspects of your skin care.